Usage Of RPET Material

- Jul 04, 2018-


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Usage of RPET Material

1)Industry categories: climbing bags, satchels, schoolbags, pencil bags, children's backpacks, fashion bags, camera backpacks, computer bags, pullers, suitcases, shopping bags, handbags, gift bags, bundles, makeup bags, storage boxes, contents, ice bags, bags Medical bag; clothing category: down (cold) clothing, windbreaker, jacket, beach pants, swimsuit, antistatic suit, fashion, play robes, pajamas, sportswear, etc.


2)Home textiles: four sets of beds, blankets, toys, car mats, sofa fabrics, fashion chair sets, aprons, umbrellas, curtains,Wipe cloth, Western restaurant tablecloth, pillow, back, baby cart, etc.

3)Other: tents, sleeping bags, hats, shoes, car accessories, etc.5PCS-GREY-RPET TRAVEL BAG SETS.jpg