The Difference Between Nylon And Polyester

- Mar 29, 2018-

    1. Polyester --- polyester fiber, also known as POLYESTER, features are good ventilation and humidity resistance. There is a strong acid and alkali, UV resistance. 75D multiples general fabric of polyester fiber, such as 75D, 150D, 300D, 600D, 1200D, 1800D are polyester fiber, fabric look darker than nylon, rough.

    2. Nylon --- nylon known as Nylon, polyamide fibers. The advantages of high strength, high wear resistance, high chemical resistance and good resistance to deformation, aging resistance. The disadvantage is that feel hard. More famous PERTEX, CORDURA. General 70D is a multiple of nylon fabric, such as 70D, 210D, 420D, 840D, 1680D nylon material are, brighter gloss fabric, feel slippery. Generally bags are made of nylon oxford cloth, nylon and polyester difference easiest method is to burn! Polyester take very busy smoky, nylon white smoke, there is the look combustion residues, will be broken pinch polyester, nylon, into plastic! It is twice the price of nylon polyester.

      Nylon, melt near the flame that quickly huddled into a white jelly, melt dripping burning in flames and blistering, no flame burning, leaving the flame continues to burn hard, emitting a celery flavor, cooling light brown melt easily crush . Polyester, easy to ignite, near the flame that is collapsing, black smoke when burned side melting side, yellow flame, a sweet odor, ashes after burning dark brown lumps with your fingers to crush. The other hand will be different. Polyester feel more rough, is relatively smooth nylon feel something. Also you can scratch with a fingernail, fingernail scratch after, there are obvious signs of a Dacron, nylon traces of obvious, but this method is not as good as the first A method of intuitive and easy debate.

      Polyester: approaching flames - soften, melt huddled in flames - melt, slow burn with yellow flames, blue flame edge away, leaving smoky flame top flame - continued to burn, and sometimes self-destruction to stop burning and combustion odor - slightly sweet aroma or residue characteristics - hard and black ash away round ball with your fingers easily crushed nylon: Close Fire - flammable soften contraction in flames - curling, melting, burning slow produce small bubbles, small flame, blue flame left - to stop burning and self-extinguishing burning smell - or celery flavor flavor amino residue characteristics - hard drive and black ash spherical, easy to crush it with your fingers the difference in performance, what does? Simply speaking, the performance is better than polyester nylon, but the cost is higher than polyester.

    Terms of wear resistance of nylon products, force, color fastness, gloss, etc. are better than polyester products, and difficult to produce wrinkle dead. On the hand, soft nylon, polyester hard! Polyester and nylon fabrics made of fabric to make the most important difference is:

      1: Nylon prices 1 times higher than polyester.

      2: ratio smooth, soft nylon polyester.

      3: wear almost the same.

      4: Nylon slightly elastic polyester non weaker sex.

      5: Nylon staining difficulty than polyester dyeing.