How To Maintain Their Own BagHow To Maintain Their Own Bag

- Sep 12, 2018-

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  5. General leather: wipe with a dry soft cloth, you can try to use an eraser to deal with or can use a special cleaning agent for leather to remove hard to clean dirt.

  6. Synthetic leather: You can use a soft cloth stained with a diluted neutral detergent to wipe.

  7. Bright skin: bright skin in general is the most afraid of the cracks, the need for careful care, in order to make it able to keep bright, the use of fine cloth and bright skin cream to wipe and maintenance.

  8. Cloth products: first use the plastic brush of the soft brush brush off the dirt, and then use a neutral detergent cleaning. In addition, it is a good way to prevent contamination of the sprays that are stained with dirt on the market.

  9. Mesh or bead-like purses: This type of bag can not just wipe, need to use soft brush (such as do not blush brush, eyebrow brush, etc.) gently brush off the dust.

  10. No matter what kind of bag, are to avoid washing with water, because in the process of making bags, often use cardboard as a stereotypes of the lining, if washed, it may cause the cardboard disintegration, thus destroying the original shape of the bag. There are also making leather bags, often need to use stereotypes glue, etc., may also be washed, was destroyed.