Backpack By Function Classification Which

- Jun 12, 2017-

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In the outdoor sports to send, on the way home, go to school on the road, in the street, on a business trip, this fashionable Backpack into a beautiful road. Our life has been inseparable from the Backpack. So important about the Backpack, what type do you like? What is the classification of the Backpack by function?

Backpack by function can be classified as:

1. Business double backpack, go out on business, work to wear, the style of business-style Backpack.

2. Casual Backpack, usually casual or on the street, go out to play and other use of the Backpack.

Backpack function classification:

1. Bag bag, bag, leather, etc. made of bags, students used to carry textbooks, stationery, picnics to carry items.

2. Computer Backpack, the global computer bag giant HTTP company in the eighties of the last century that launched the world's first, computer Backpack Backpack, thanks to the use of earthquake protection materials, coupled with special ergonomic design and unique Strengthen the production process, very solid and durable, very popular. Computer Backpack in addition to specifically used to install the computer's earthquake protection compartment, there is a considerable space can be used to install luggage and other small objects. Many high-quality computer Backpacks are also widely used as sports bags.