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- Aug 27, 2018-


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The market on the towel tricks, as consumers we have a headache, what to buy a towel is a good towel it? Here to identify a good point of a good towel. which included Cotton Bath towel,Mircrofiber beach towel,terry towel,face towel, hand towel,kitchen towel,cleanning towel.

1, There are two towel fabric feel feels particularly comfortable---Cotton and Microfiber ;

2, the towel of the water to be particularly good, whether we are in the face, wipe the hair, rub the body as long as a hurry to dry with dry;

3, do not lose hair nor fade.

The professional way is to cut a small piece of towel, put into the water, calculate his sinking time, sink faster, indicating that the better water absorption, do not add any permeability.

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