How Long Does The Towel Change?

- Aug 27, 2018-


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Many people most people will use the towel to change the yellow before the replacement; in fact, is not right, the towel is a fiber fabric, use a long time, deep fiber cracks within the bacteria is difficult to remove, cleaning, drying, high temperature cooking only Can control the number of bacteria in a short time, and can not permanently clear the bacteria. Long-term use of old towels, then, will give the opportunity to cause bacterial invasion, then, the general need to replace the towel?

Two elegant recommendations usually the best Huaihuo two to three of the towel to replace the use of the best about three months for a new towel, and the best weekly hot water once a hot towel once, to ensure that the towel clean no mold. Think about it, but the towel is used to clean your precious skin, if you wipe your face with a towel like a rag, just imagine people feel sick! So in the cleaning or replacement of towels in this area must be diligent, do not use a dirty towel to rub your face and body it!

For your sake and your family, the towel is best for three months.

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