Blankets And Use

- Jun 12, 2017-

Blanket is a commonly used bedding, and its raw materials are made of chemical fiber (such as wool, mohair, rabbit hair, cashmere, camel hair, yak cashmere) or acrylic fiber, viscose fiber,Polar Fleece and other chemical fiber, and some animal fiber and Made of chemical fiber blended. Sided with rich plush wool fabric, the surface has a rich plush, with warm performance of the bed with wool fabric, can also be used as bedspreads, tapestries and other decorations.

Blankets are pure blankets, blended blankets, chemical fiber blankets three categories, according to weaving method sub-woven, tufted, warp, acupuncture, sewing and so on. Blanket fancy jacquard, printing, plain, mandarin duck color, Taoist, lattice and so on. Blanket style suede, velvet type, smooth hair type, ball type and watermark type. Flexible and warm and strong, thick texture. Mainly used for bed cover, doubles bedspreads or tapestries and other decorations. The appearance of the blanket is diverse, with full crimp suede, fluffy and velvety fluffy, fluffy, long hairy, lobster-like, and irregularly rippled Type and so on. Blanket pattern color variety, there are geometric patterns, flowers, scenery, animals and so on. General blankets are decorated with edged, wrapped, spike edge to be decorated and reinforced.

Blanket classification

According to use can also bed blankets, knee blankets, beach blankets and so on.

Blankets can also be special finishing: fire-retardant blankets, anti-bacterial finishing, anion finishing and so on.

Blankets are divided into double blankets, single blankets, children's blankets and other specifications.

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