Bath Towel Type

- Jun 12, 2017-

Plush towels, cotton towels in the weaving with an additional yarn to form a coil, the coil together to form the pile surface.

Velvet towels, similar to plush towels, but the side of the towel after pruning, the coil becomes shorter, some people like velvet effect, in use, should be non-velvet side close to the skin to wash faster.

Bamboo fiber towels, bamboo fiber is based on raw materials, through careful design and processing of multiple processes to produce a set of health, environmental protection and aesthetics in a new home textile products. Authoritative institutions have been tested confirmed: bamboo fiber not only has a natural antibacterial, antibacterial, remove body odor, but also effectively block the radiation on the human body.

Printed towels, colored patterns printed on plush or velvet towels.

Jacquard bath towel, in the jacquard loom, the fabric surface to make decorative effect.

Embroidered towels, some bath towel manufacturers for the decorating bathroom, embroidered on bath towels and so on.