Bath Towel Common Sense

- Jun 12, 2017-

Most of the types of bath towel is to keep the water between the yarn and yarn, while the bamboo fiber towel is the water directly into the fiber, making bamboo fiber towels have better water absorption.

When you buy bath towels, make sure that the bath towel is of good quality is that the coils are thick and tightly woven to get the maximum water absorption. Bath towel is thicker, it is composed of more yarn, naturally, can be faster from the body suck moisture. Some people prefer velvet towels, velvet is in the making process, trim the yarn and make it shorter. The shorter coil is slightly less absorbent, but as long as it is dry, rather than wiping back and forth, it will not affect the overall performance of the bath towel too much. A quality bath towel if the care properly, available for ten years. Here are the tips for bathing towels so that you can enjoy the longest bath towel for maximum comfort.

1, in accordance with the protection of the logo, do not use hot water and excessive drying towels. To keep the bath towel soft, use the recommended amount of laundry detergent in half. Do not pour the laundry liquid directly onto the bath towel. Because it may cause the laundry liquid to remain on the bath towel, reducing its softness. It is recommended to use a neutral laundry solution, do not rush to use chlorine-containing detergent with bleach characteristics. Do not always use clothing softener, to avoid the softener containing cinnamon resin, its ingredients will be left in the bath towel wax coating, reducing water absorption.

2, dark and light towels separate washing, bath towel, do not have zippers, hooks and buttons and other objects, which may damage the towel coil. Clothing and bath towels do not wash, towel fluff may be left on the clothes, damage to clothing.

3, dry towel, fully unfolded, well ventilated, so as not to wet the towel wet bacteria. Another frequent bath towel will also reduce its service life.