How To Distinguish Between Good And Bad Quality Of Children's Towels

- Sep 12, 2018-

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Many children take a bath, like to have a lovely big towel in the next to stay, the child bathing, wrapped in the body will be particularly happy when dry water. The child's skin soft, we buy children with children's towels, Cotton good choice of pure cotton material, antibacterial and absorbent good, soft, fluffy and flexible, to pay special attention to the election no smell, if it is printed There are lovely animation patterns let the children love.

Poor quality towel hidden "Murder"

In order to make the towel feel good, some companies add a lot of softener, too much softener is not only affect the water absorption, and is not conducive to our health. Softener may clog our skin's fine pores, affect the metabolism, in addition to poor quality softener also contains harmful substances, it is harmful to health. There are a lot of unqualified towels exist fade problems, these dyes transferred to the skin, the harmful substances inside the body may be long latent, will be bad for the body, severe allergies or absorption of harmful substances, so the choice of children's towel , cotton good choice no smell, to prevent the purchase of poor quality or heavy acid bleaching and dyeing materials processed products.

How to identify the quality of children's towels

1, see the towel hygroscopicity:

That is to say a towel you put it here we just go with water, the water immediately penetrated into the towel inside, no slippage, no spread. Bad towel, it formed water droplets, and not infiltration, and that the water can not hang, it quickly slipped down, we say that this is a bad towel, because it is too soft, not moisture.

2, look at the towel is not fade:

Cotton towels are generally dyed with reactive dyes, dye molecules and cellulose molecules covalent bond, so that the dye fixed on the fiber. In the course of the reaction, a part of the dye and fiber combination, but also part of the dye hydrolysis, adsorption on the fiber surface, but no covalent bond, it is easy to fall off. When dyeing dark towels, a large number of hydrolyzed dyes adsorbed on the fiber, it is difficult to wash, so the first washing will be bleaching phenomenon, which is unavoidable. If the first light-colored towels washed more faded or dark towels washed many times still fade, that is, dyestuffs or dyeing process is not accurate caused by, are unqualified products.

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