what makes a tote bag good for beach use

- Sep 19, 2017-

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Most beach bags are tote bags, but not all tote bags are necessarily ideal for the beach. So what makes a tote bag good for beach use. 

Beach bags can be made from a variety of different types of materials.  What often sets them apart from ordinary totes are how they interact with and react to the types of things you'll encounter at the beach: namely water and sand.  They tend to be water and/or sand-resistant.  Making them so is either the type of material they're made of or what the material is treated with, like:

Vinyl: This type of fabric is perfectly suited for the beach environment because it is naturally waterproof.  Beach Bags made of vinyl will keep the contents dry.  Additionally, vinyl is sand proof (dirt particles cannot get through) and its surface is easy to clean.  Any wet sand that sticks to vinyl can easily be brushed off if dry or wiped off with a damp rag.  You won't have to worry about getting sand on your beach towel if you pack it inside of a vinyl tote!

PVC: Like vinyl, PVC (a type of plastic) is also water and sand-proof.  PVC is soft, jelly-like and flexible, so it can be made into sheets, like fabric, cut into pieces and sewn together to create a beach tote bag.  Also like vinyl, it is easy to clean.  Simply brush off sand or wipe away stains with a damp cloth.  Plus, PVC is recyclable.  Some PVC beach bags may even be constructed from recycled materials.

Waterproof coating: Fabrics which are not waterproof can be treated with a waterproof or water-resistant coating.  Beach bags that are made from materials like polyester, nylon or canvas are often treated with a waterproof coating like PVC or polyurethane, similar to the way some inflatable boats are treated.  Treating a fabric this way allows it to retain its natural characteristics but also give it the added advantage of keeping water out.  Treated bags are easy to clean by either wiping with a damp cloth or machine washing.  Just don't put them in the dryer.

There are a few other features that help to make a tote bag a fantastic promotional beach bag, including:

* A zippered closure: Having a compartment that zips shut eliminates the possibility of dirt or water entering the bag from its opening, making it truly, 100 percent waterproof.

* Mesh bottoms: Tote bags with bottoms made of mesh allow sand particles to filter right through and out of the bag.

* Pockets: Extra compartments and pockets, both in and outside of the bag, extend the storage capabilities of a beach bag.  Small pockets are ideal for storing items like promotional water bottles, keys, cell phones, sunscreen and personal items.