What are the precautions for the use and maintenance of bath towels?

- Jun 12, 2017-

Nowadays, the use of towels is getting higher and higher, the demand for bath towels is getting bigger and bigger. Bath towels are also an indispensable part of family life, but people are not paying attention to the maintenance of the bath towel. , Bath towels should always wash the sun, and placed in a dry place, to avoid the breeding of mites, for life in the episode, such as skin sensitive, dull skin, skin condition deteriorating, etc., are due to subcutaneous inflammation caused by small But also to pay great attention to the hygiene of bath towels. Towels do not have to be too luxurious, practical on the line, but often replaced, the new than the old safety and health. As the bath towel is in contact with the human body of daily necessities, so manufacturers in the production process to go through bleaching, dyeing, soft and other processing processes, soft, strong water absorption, get to know the durable bath towel for the top grade, the best bath towel in the details of the superior, Wrapped neatly, beautiful, in the sign next to the combination at the hidden processing, so more durable.

Bath towel is not thicker the better, the water is too thick after the bath towel dry up slowly, not easy to carry and frequent replacement, so the towel per square meter weight is also a measure of its quality keywords, thick and light, is the best bath towel With the characteristics, to ensure that the bath towel feel fluffy and comfortable. A piece of thick and not heavy, durable towel about 500g per square meter, a standard size of the towel about 450g or so, to achieve the standard towel quality light, dry speed is also fast, things go out to carry. In the bath towel washing, the first warm water on the basin, add a neutral detergent to make it completely dissolved, and then folded into a pot of bath towels, with the number of feet pedal, in the stained place Wash the powder, gently scrub, let the water drip, wash with warm water, wring dry, you can fold up the towel like a roll into the tube, and forced to dry until the dry.