Towels should be cleaned and dried

- Jun 12, 2017-

Water absorption is one of the important attributes of towels. All kinds of towels with good water absorption and water storage performance, due to the surface of the fabric covered with a ring of terry loops, terry height and the quality of the towel is closely related. In other conditions the same circumstances, terry and more high towel water absorption better, softer and thick, long service life.

Cotton towel washing to avoid overheating and prolonged drying. In the drying, the machine can be rolled over the cotton towel can be more fluffy soft, and hanging dry can not get this effect. It is best not to sun exposure or ultra-high temperature heat source forced hot, too high temperature will damage the cotton fiber, reduce the feel and life. A small amount of detergent used, can make the towel more soft. To avoid dumping the detergent directly on the towel, the detergent residue will cause the towel to harden and minimize the chlorine bleach. Can not frequently use a lot of fabric softener, otherwise it will affect the towel's water absorption. But also the dark towel and light-colored separate washing. Avoid towels and clothes containing zippers, hooks or buttons, which can damage the towel loops. Do not wash towels and clothing together, terry fabrics will be thin and thin soft clothing wrapped in the inside.