The ceremonial culture of Chinese towels

- Jun 12, 2017-

China is a ceremonial state, civilization is the source of happiness. Civilization is the bridge of communication with each other. Civilization is the flower of success, it is the sail of the ideal boat. Civilization is hope that civilization is our faith.

Etiquette pass warmth

However, towels are one of the signs of measuring the degree of social civilization, the pursuit of clean, beautiful, elegant life is the people's general life orientation. Towels are still playing a different role. It is now used as a cleansing, it is now in close contact with art and culture: it can be a mural, decorate your home; it can be a bathrobe, happy your body and mind; can be a Bedspreads, warm your life; of course, it can also be a gift for you to pass family, friendship.

Towels depict comfortable and healthy

With the social progress, the economy continues to grow, people's living standards are rapidly to the rich forward, "comfortable and healthy" social consumer groups are rapidly forming. Towels are not only a cleaning supplies, its use of the extension is also expanding: such as facilities with the bathroom facilities, making the whole room with a harmonious color, pattern phase phase care, coordinated, magnificent; Kind of pajamas, bathrobes and home furnishings, bedding tones against each other; all towels are supplies and pleasing to the eye, enjoy closely linked to fully meet people's perception needs. Towel as an important part of interior decoration, has increasingly become an important part of the layout of the overall layout of the room.

The birth of ultra-fine fiber towels

With the acceleration of the urbanization process, the popularity of private cars, pollution is increasingly serious, dirty air suffocating. People look forward to breathing the fresh air of nature, and with a variety of high-tech methods of manufacturing antibacterial towels (ultra-fine fiber towels), for people's lives to send health. When you feel dizzy for a long time; when you feel tired by suffering from pain and suffering; when you feel the future of life by the confusion, perhaps a small towel so gently wipe, Wake up!

Towels and life are closely related

It is because of the towel art, functional, diversified characteristics, it is more and more people to communicate emotions, gifts of friends and relatives of the good. In Japan, friends get to know, negotiate a gift towel has become a habit. In particular, the prestigious company, specifically set a large number of companies with a logo towel used to give customers to maintain the visibility of large enterprises, and can play a better role than advertising; in China's Taiwan region, the popular to the participation The funeral of friends and relatives to send a towel to show the deceased relatives to accept the tribute of the tears, to maintain the appearance of clean and tidy; many parts of our country, then fashionable wedding ceremony, hi candy, hi smoke, hi wine plus a fine towel, He who see things think people, a long time to recall the joy of wedding.

What is the pursuit of the 21st century - health

Modern buzzwords: "gift is to send health", in fact, what can not be given more than a gift towel. Towels for everyone to use every day, must be used, it day with your skin blind date, to maintain people's health. Towels and colorful, wide variety; square, towels, towels, pillow, etc., regardless of poor and cheap.