The 97th China Needle Cotton Fabric Fair opened in Shanghai

- Jun 12, 2017-

March 12, the 97th China Needle Cotton Fair in Shanghai New International Expo Center opened, from all over the country's textile industry, including underwear, home service, socks, home textile related surface, accessories and so on.

"Needle will be" has been hailed as the development of China's needle cotton industry, "rain table", through the "needle will" insight into the future development of the textile industry.

In the underwear product exhibition hall, bra, halter tops, underwear and other small underwear exhibitors occupy half of the underwear museum, as the needle will be a major highlight, which shows that the market potential of small underwear is being excited out. In addition, the Ministry of Commerce cocoon silk industry public service system project - "Silk Beauty China" shows the traditional Chinese silk and modern home perfect fusion.

With the development of the home textile industry is mature, Xia Liang industry began to enter the growth stage from the start stage, Xia Liang products business competition will also be from the product, the price of competition into a brand, network, service, talent and management Enterprise scale and other aspects of the comprehensive competitive advantage up.

In addition, the textile enterprises are also in the Chinese and Western cultures continue to seek development space, such as the Vosges Group launched a cartoon series of towels, and embroidered beauty is showing the traditional ear pillow. According to Beijing embroidered beauty home furnishings Co., Ltd. Sales Director Wang Zhanhui introduction, the function of the ear pillow is to leave room for the ears. According to legend, ear pillow by Yang Gui for Tang Minghuang specially designed, the first for the court Queen's products. Reporters found that the ancient ear pillow attracted the attention of many buyers.

In addition to the development of new products, the marketing tool has become a textile industry can successfully develop important weapons. China Power Union Deputy Secretary Xu Ting believes that the current period of time is the traditional textile industry transformation and upgrading of the most severe and most difficult period. In 2014, more than 100 textile brands have closed more than 7,000 stores, at the same time, online textile electronics business is the sudden emergence, and high growth. According to the statistics of the Shanghai textile industry business center, the home textile industry in 16 electricity business platform sales in 2012 to 47 billion, 2013 growth of 71.5 billion in 2014 to 96 billion. Xu Ting believes that the traditional textile enterprises should strengthen the research and development of electricity business products, and effective integration of online and offline dual-track operation, offline stores to provide experience services, online providers to provide sales services, the only way to keep up with the development trend.

In addition, the exhibition also around the "hope of the channel revolution" theme, through a series of thematic forums, depth analysis of the whole channel model of urgency, necessity and revolutionary, to discuss the healthy development of China's textile industry.