How to properly use cleaning bamboo fiber towels

- Jun 12, 2017-

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With the increasingly mature bamboo fiber technology, bamboo fiber has also been applied to many areas, according to market inquiries flash, bamboo fiber towels are popular products by consumers, everyone can not do without their days. But many friends do not know how to clean bamboo fiber towels? How to do talent to extend the use of bamboo fiber moments?

Twisted bamboo fiber towel to moderate towel can not be overly wring dry, towel twisted too dry, will damage the towel's fibrous tissue, exceptionally broken. Twist towel when the force to grasp the sense of proportion, moderate wringing can be a.

Hanging bamboo fiber towel of the local not too moist, bamboo fiber towels are often in a wet situation, simple propagation of bacteria, the fiber is simply rotten rotten rotten towel of course, simply broken. Bamboo fiber towel to open the dry.

Bamboo fiber towels should always be sterilized, Hsinchu fiber towels bought the first time with warm water soak for ten minutes, and then dry in the sun and then use. Remember, bamboo fiber towels do not use hot water.

Bamboo fiber towel is the choice of green bamboo fiber, can inhibit bacteria in addition to mites, oil repellent, for the general grease dust dirt do not need to borrow any scrubbing supplies, can be washed in the room temperature and clean! Bamboo fiber towel is not only a comfortable product, it is a green product.