Did you really choose a towel?

- Jun 12, 2017-

The towel is one of the most common daily necessities in our daily life, but do you really choose a towel? Do you know that the towel of raw materials is more hygienic? The use of healthy towels plays a vital role in the care of our skin Important role. Bamboo fiber towels, health goods of choice. The following by Tian Qiang textile to take you to look at bamboo fiber towel it!

Bamboo fiber towel tips:

Bamboo fiber towel is made of bamboo fiber as raw material, after careful planning and multi-technology processing, to produce a set of healthy, environmentally friendly and beautiful in one of the new health towels.

Bamboo fiber towel "health" features --- antibacterial:

Bamboo fiber towel has excellent antibacterial effect. Bamboo fiber towel because of its raw material elements, has a very good natural antibacterial effect. Bamboo fiber towels can penetrate the pores inside and thoroughly remove the deep dirt deposited in the skin. We are on the pursuit of beauty in the continuous improvement, and now we are increasingly concerned about the health of the United States. Bamboo fiber towel not only to our skin to bring health, and bamboo fiber as a new power products, is a fashionable beauty features.

Bamboo fiber towel "healthy" features --- fashionable:

Bamboo fiber towel color and bright, and very soft and comfortable to use Feel like a baby skin. This is everyone on the common pursuit of fashion. Bamboo fiber towel bright color, can give people a feeling of a beautiful mood.

Bamboo fiber towel "health" features --- absorbent:

Bamboo fiber towel in the use of high water absorption. It is nearly twice as high as the average towel water absorption, can absorb the face and the body of water. Adhere to the skin clean and fresh, eliminate mites breeding environment, to prevent germs breeding.

Bamboo fiber towel "health" features --- breathable:

Bamboo fiber towel is not only breathable, you can remove the high temperature to bring the moisture, moisture. But also in time to remove the smell. Eliminate the summer odor caused by the embarrassment. Bamboo fiber towel cleaning is more convenient, very simple in cleaning. Bamboo fiber towel itself has a self-purification function.