Development Trend of Textile Technology Development in China

- Jun 12, 2017-

At present, the textile industry is in the old and new growth mode conversion, from big to large and strong critical period. In order to provide the strategic advice for the innovation, drive and upgrade the development of China's textile industry in the next 5 to 15 years, the Chinese Academy of Engineering consulting project "China's textile industry science and technology innovation and development strategy (2016 ~ 2030)" group of Zhejiang, Shandong, Fujian Jiangsu Province and other textile developed areas of fiber manufacturing, textile processing, dyeing and finishing, clothing design and manufacturing, industrial textiles technology, textile equipment, textile information technology and other aspects of a comprehensive investigation and study, summed up the status of China's textile technology development, Problems and future trends. This newspaper captures some of the wonderful content to readers.

Today the world is ushering in a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution. Science and technology development has shown more breakthroughs, cross the convergence of the situation, large data science to become a new paradigm of research, sustainable development of the major issues become the focus of global scientific and technological innovation. In the world of new scientific and technological revolution and the new industrial revolution, driven by the textile industry is also brewing revolutionary change.

Future focus: new chemical fiber R & D natural fiber upgrade

From the international development trend, in the field of fiber materials, new chemical fiber research and development and upgrading of natural fiber is still the focus of textile raw materials research and development. Fiber properties to the direction of the development of high performance, fiber varieties to the functional direction of the development of fiber raw materials and fiber to the ecological direction of the development of fiber materials to the direction of nano-direction. All kinds of differentiated and functionalized fibers are used to improve the performance and function of the original chemical fiber by using nanometer, difference, compound, superfine, copolymer and grafting technology. It is used in the field of apparel, home textile and industrial textiles.

Industry with high-performance fiber and polymer materials technology research and development, has become an important part of the development of chemical fiber in developed countries. Aramid, aromatic sulfonamide, carbon fiber, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber technology to accelerate development. Japan's carbon fiber manufacturing company focused on the development of tensile strength of 4000 ~ 5000MPa, the price and T300 basically the same carbon fiber varieties; the United States launched a low-cost carbon fiber development plan, developed a microwave plasma device, the combination of typical independent and orderly carbonization and graphitization Process, simplifying the production process, saving $ 2.2 per kilogram of product cost. High-orientation materials and fiber refining devices for carbon nanofibers in large quantities to provide a new way; in response to a large number of short-term consumption of non-renewable oil resources to meet the needs of green and sustainable development, research and development of new bio- , As well as the recycling and recycling of resources to become developed countries strategic plan.

The United States, Japan and other countries have introduced renewable materials to promote the plan, has established R & D alliance, invested heavily in the development of efficient green environmental protection of the new solvent method, ion liquid method and other cellulose fiber production technology, and the enterprise has developed a recycling level Slices of about 30% of the carpet wire and hollow spinning before coloring BCF fiber. The use of biomolecule synthesis technology, genetic engineering, physical means to cultivate new natural fibers, improve the performance of natural fibers, upgrade the use of natural fiber has become a hot research and development.