Buy towels, bath towels to guard against formaldehyde

- Jun 12, 2017-

We all know that formaldehyde from the home decoration used in wood-based panels, composite flooring or furniture, but when you look at the decoration after the magnificent curtains and other fabric furnishings in full bloom, you must be difficult to cause them with indoor environment pollution of formaldehyde Link up.

How are formalities in curtains? This is because in the textile production, in order to improve the fabric's anti-wrinkle performance, improve the waterproof performance of textiles, pressure resistance and improve color fastness, improve fire performance, etc., in the fabric often add synthetic resin and other common additives. In the textile printing and dyeing and finishing (soft finishing, stiffness finishing, anti-crease finishing, etc.) process, but also by adding a variety of dyes, additives, finishing agent, which contains the resin contains formaldehyde. These formaldehyde-containing resins will have residual after finishing, and formaldehyde will be released. In general, formaldehyde content with textiles and decorations will be higher. When the textile is exposed to the air for a long time, because of the volatility of formaldehyde, it will continue to release and pollute the indoor environment. Especially now some of the residential windows are relatively large, such as floor windows, viewing windows, decoration a set of about 100 square meters of the house, buy towels, towels on the need for eight thousand dollars, which is why some home decoration with special attention control Formaldehyde pollution, but after the decoration in the detection, will still find one of the reasons for excessive indoor formaldehyde.

   So, in the interior decoration, the purchase of curtains and other cloth textile products how to fight formaldehyde it?

First, buy towels, towels to pay attention to:

Smell a smell If the product emits a pungent odor, there may be formaldehyde residue, it is best not to buy.

2. pick color. Select the color, to buy light tone is appropriate, so that formaldehyde, dyeing fastness will be less risk.

3. Look at the variety. In the purchase by the anti-shrink, anti-wrinkle, soft, flat Ting and other finishing cloth and curtain products should be careful.

Second, the use of attention:

1. buy back the curtains should be in the water soaked, washed, to reduce the residual formaldehyde content in the fabric.

2. In addition to curtains, some sheets, quilt and other direct contact with the skin inside the textile also contains formaldehyde, be sure to wash and then use.

3. After washing the best towels, bath towels in the outdoor ventilation drying, and then use.