Backpack custom in the fabric

- Jun 12, 2017-

Backpack custom, involving the fabric, lining, and a variety of accessories such as accessories knowledge, to expand is a great knowledge system.

Natural leather material [we all call it: leather] is a kind of animal leather made of a variety of leather materials, with natural leather elegant appearance, soft to the touch; animal skin is different, soft and hard, texture, price Different, for example: excellent cattle leather and sheep leather for high-end products, with them to do backpack / shoulder bag, but the durability of the product greatly improved, because of this, leather bags by consumers like. In fact, the price of leather bag is high, limiting the use of leather backpack / shoulder bag.

Consumers, leather leather, or some leather, of course, backpack / shoulder bag products, a lot of natural leather materials, and with the different types of performance are also very different.