Microfiber Chenille Hedgehog Duster Glove ZK002

ZK002 Super Hedgehog Duster Microfiber Chenille Cleaning Glove.

Product Details

Item No. ZK002 Super Hedgehog Duster : | 

              Colorful Multipurpose Microfiber Cleaning Mitten

              with Soft Dust-Attracting Strands and Hanging Loop 

  • SUPER SOFT MICROFIBER - Caterpillar-like microfiber strands pick up dust, retain water, and are soft to touch

  • MULTIPURPOSE - Can be used to dust hard surfaces and wash cars

  • CUTE -    Can be hanged 

  • HANDY - Mitten for hand is useful for easier cleaning

  • WASHABLE - Can be washed and reused

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